Driving License Forms



No. Name of Forms and Download File Type
01. i)  Application for Smart Card Driving License.(English & Bangla) pdf
  ii) BRTA Application Form-Medical Report.(English) Download PDF File
02. Application for learner's driving license. Download PDF File
03. Application for Endorsement of Driving License. Download PDF File
04. Application for a Conductor's License. (FORM L. Con. A.). Download PDF File
05. Application for Driving Instructor's License. (FORM 1.L. A.). Download PDF File
06. Medical Certificate for a Conductor. (FORM M.C.Con.). Download PDF File


  For Learners driving License download form no-1 (page no. 1-2)
  After Passing Driving test download form no-2 (page no. 1-3) & 4 (2copies) for professional and form no.f-3(page no. 1-3) & 4 (2 copies) for non professional driving License.
  For Duplicate Driving License download form no-5 & 4 (2copies).
  For Endorsement of Driving License download form no-6




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